September 8-10th

Exciting news Base Borden Run is teaming up with Spartan Race! September 8-10th.


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Saturday September 24th  9:00AM – 3:00PM

BCA – 200 Brock St. Barrie, ON


Same Day, Sunday September 25th, 8AM


(Nov. 22) Barrie, ON – The final numbers raised at the 2013 Base Borden Run held on Oct. 20 have been tallied and it is good news for military family members pursuing an education at Georgian College.

“An incredible $24, 239 was raised this year with over 600 participants lacing up for the race,” said Anita Stacy, past president of the Barrie Construction Association, and a co-founder of the Run.

“Together with the Simcoe County Home Builders’ Association, Base Borden, Georgian College, and our incredible sponsors and volunteers, we were able to put on a first rate running experience for a great cause for the fourth year in a row.”

Operation Hero was launched in 2010 by Barrie businessman and CFB Borden Hon. Col. Jamie Massie. Over $815,000 has been raised for the scholarship from many generous donors across the community and beyond. Over $100,000 has been raised from the Base Borden Run in the last four years.

Matt Pryce, from the Simcoe County Home Builders Association and the other co-founder of the event, points out another benefit “the event continues to build community between CFB Borden and its neighbours. It is a privilege to work with Base personnel and to see the Run grow.” Canada’s largest military training base, CFB Borden trained over 18,000 students last year, and employs over 3200 permanent military and civilian personnel.

Borden Fun Run cheque 2013 1

Organizers and dignitaries gathered at Georgian College’s Barrie Campus Nov. 22 to mark the donation. They include (back row, left to right) Lisa Eveleigh, Executive Director, Advancement and Community Development, Georgian College; Capt. Rob Bungay; CFB Borden Hon. Col. Jamie Massie; Carol Collier, whose son, Sapper Brian Collier, was killed while on duty in Afghanistan in 2010; Alison Smith, Barrie Construction Association; Luisa Almeida, Georgian International Corporation; Robyn Nyenhuis, event planning committee member; and Capt. Alastair McMurachy. (Front row, left to right): Chief Warrant Officer Gilles Godbout; Lisa Banks, Vice President, Communications, Marketing and External Relations, Georgian College; CFB Borden Base Commander Col. Carl Doyon; Jennine Collier, sister of the late Brian Collier and recipient of the Operation Hero scholarship; Anita Stacey, Barrie Construction Association; Matt Pryce, Simcoe County Home Builders’ Association; and Rezka Tamse, event planning committee member.

For more information please contact:

Anita Stacey

Past President

Barrie Construction Association

Matt Pryce

Past President

Simcoe County Home Builders Association


 Now that the turkey is all gone, it’s time to rev yourself up for the big day!


Thank you

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our community businesses for supporting us through sponsorships and donations.  Without their generosity, none of this would be possible. 


Georgian Automotive Group  Title Sponsor –  As the automotive pillar within Georgian International’s group of companies, Georgian Automotive Group has been in operation since 1981 and owns and operates Georgian Chevrolet Buick GMC, one of Canada’s largest General Motors dealerships, as well as Georgian BMW and MINI Georgian. Located in Barrie with over 130 employees, Georgian Automotive Group is a dominant and innovative dealership group committed to product and customer service excellence.


 Sexton’s MechanicalRace Sponsor – Spanning over seven decades and three generations, Sexton’s Mechanical Ltd. Has grown from a one-man blacksmith operation to one of south-central Ontario’s leading ICI mechanical contractors.  Specializing in design/build mechanical systems, Sexton’s provides a wide range of systems, services and solutions to meet your mechanical contracting needs.


Please go to our Sponsor page for a full listing of all of the 2013 sponsors. It is so awesome to know that many of the places we go to purchase things for our own families, supports the community that we work, live and play in! 


I would also like to thank, not only the volunteers that you will see on Race Day, but also those that are on the committee, working diligently to make sure that every year, the race gets better and better!  They all work tirelessly to bring it all together.


And of course thank you to all of the participants, not only for running the race, but also for following us thorough social media to help our race grow!


Good Luck!


Have you been training hard?  Are you prepared?  Only 18 days to go to the “uniquely military” Base Borden Run!  Of course, this race is not only for the hard core marathoners but it’s also a great way for families to spend the day together!  And with the stretch of beautiful weather we’ve been having, we are all very confident that it will last right through to race day!


There have been some changes made over the course of the last couple of weeks, and I want to make sure you are all aware of them.

  •   Due to an exercise taking place on the base, the race route has been altered slightly.  You can find an updated map under the Course Information tab.
  •   The start times have been determined
    •  10AM for the Half
    • 10:30AM for the 5K & 10K
  •  Please make note of Kit Pick Up Dates & Times.  All information can be found under the Registration tab.  Race day Kit Pick Up is also available.  The admin tent will open up shortly after 8AM


Our participant numbers are growing, but the more the merrier!  Get your friends, family and co-workers to join you in the race or be on the sidelines to cheer you on across the finish line!  Remember, all money raised goes directly to Operation Hero.


For those of you who have participated in previous races, you will be familiar with the set up at the Buell Gym.  We do, however, have a couple of new exciting things to showcase.  This year, our MC and presenters will be pumping you up from the BCA, ROCK95, KOOLFM Community Stage!  And the other thing…well for that one, you’ll just have to wait until Race Day to find out, but it’ll be a BANG!

Top Ten Pre-Race Rituals


I have scoured the internet and found this great list of pre-race rituals. While on my search, I found some rituals from the down-right superstitious to the complete logical!  What are some of the things you do to get ready for a big race?  Send us your thoughts and comments!

***Don’t forget ~ Early Bird Registration continues until October 1!***


10. Taper: One of the key components of training is ironically rest. At no time is it more important than in the days leading up to a big race. Three or four days out the work is done, the money is in the bank, and the best thing you can do is run easy and short and have at least one day of no running before the race.

9. Do something different: While you’re giving your body this much deserved rest, look for some low intensity cross training to take your mind off the race. Swimming, surfing, golf, squash, even tenpin bowling can all work (if done casually) to keep you active but not at the expense of tiring your muscles.

8. Hydrate: April weather can be surprisingly pleasant … but there’s a crucial difference between ‘swimming at the beach’ pleasant and ‘running a marathon or half marathon’ pleasant. Pay attention to weather forecasts and keep well hydrated from a couple of days out.

7. Choose Carbs: Rather than the traditional pasta party the night before the event, it is better to adjust your food ratios about two to three days beforehand. Include less fat, protein and fibre, and instead, eat more carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. This stores important glycogen in your muscles, which you will definitely need at the two-hour mark in the race.

6. Plan Your Outfit: Yes, even guys should be allowing at least 48 hours to decide what they’re going to wear on race day. Ideally do a training run in exactly what you plan to wear (shoes, socks, shorts, undies, everything) make sure there’s no chaffing and so on and then lay it all out ready to go for race morning.

5. Pack Gels: For half and full marathon competitors, you’ll want to make sure you’ve thought long and hard about nutrition in the race itself (and how you plan to carry gels with you). Be sure to practise it in training.

4. Loosen Up: According to the experts, static stretches are best reserved for after the race and dynamic stretches for before. Loosen up with some leg swings, ankle and arm circles, and some light jogging.

3. Think Splits: By now you should have a conservative target time in mind. So workout your splits and commit them to memory or write them on your wrist. However, if it’s your first ever race you should just start out easy and focus on the finish line rather than the clock—save running mind-blowing times till the second race.

2. Start Out Slow: I’ve never heard of someone running a race longer than 5k who complained about running the first few hundred meters too slow; but, on the other hand, going too fast can kill you later on. So err on the side of caution and take it easy when the gun goes.

1. Swap Nerves for Excitement: Pre-race butterflies are normal, but whenever you feel them, just think that this is the reward for all the training you’ve done. It’s your chance to feel the benefits of being fit and fast—embrace it because once on the start line you are officially an athlete!

Spot the Soldier ContestLayout 1Barrie Examinarbca


Contest is to promote the Barrie Construction Association and Canadian Home Builders Association fourth annual Base Borden Run in support of Operation Hero.

Operation Hero was developed by a group of local business and community leaders to provide scholarship funding to Canadian Military Families. Operation Hero has three major objectives: to create an endowed scholarship, to build bridges with Georgian College and to say thank you to our Canadian Armed Forces.

The 5k, 10k and half marathon will take place at Base Borden Run on Sunday October 20, 2013

Registration is now open.   You can also follow our event on Facebook and Twitter by searching “Base Borden Run”


Spot the Soldier photos provided featuring a CFB Borden Soldier in various locations within Simcoe County.

Contestants identify the location and enter via ballot

Random winner chosen from ballots correctly identifying the location for prizes

Contest Details:

Weekly pictures provided for participants to guess where the Soldier is.

Contest Timing:  Immediately to October 20, 2012

How to Enter:  Enter by ballot in person, email and fax at:

Barrie Construction Association

200 Brock St.

Barrie, ON L4N 2M4

Fax: 705.726.4649



One Night Stay (Executive Room) for two complete with breakfast for two at Holiday Inn Barrie, Hotel and Conference Centre (two prizes available)

Dinner for two at Holiday Inn Barrie, Hotel and Conference Centre (two prizes available)

Brunch Buffet for two at Holiday Inn Barrie, Hotel and Conference Centre (two prizes available)

Contest Rules:

  • Open to all residents of Simcoe County, excluding members of the Base Borden Run Committee
  • One (1) ballot per week per contest participant
  • Winners will be selected randomly on October 21,2012 at the Base Borden Run
  • Prize Winners will be notified by phone and/or email the week of October 29, 2012
  • Reasonable facsimile will be accepted
  • Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received
  • No prize substitution or cash value

Spot the Soldier Photos

1 Spot The Soldier – This photo will run for  a limited time.  Enter now for your chance to win!


Are you thinking about joining the Base Borden Run?  Want to start out with the 5k, but not sure how to prepare yourself?  Read the following tips to get you started and we’ll see you on October 20th!


Purchase a good pair of running shoes designed for your arch and stride type. If you’re not sure which type of shoe you need, visit a local running specialty store to get fitted properly. Good socks are as important as good shoes. Look for socks that are seam-free, and ones that manage moisture so you won’t get blisters.


Before you start a run, you need a good warm-up routine, which includes dynamic stretching to get the blood flowing. Leave the static stretching for the post-run routine. Dynamic stretching includes walking lunges, butt kicks, high knees and toy soldiers-straight-leg kicks that stretch the hamstrings. Dynamic stretching will increase your flexibility and help prevent injuries by strengthening your muscles and joints. After doing some dynamic stretching, walk briskly for five minutes, then speed up to a comfortable jogging or running pace.


You can start your aerobic base building by doing a run/walk plan. A good first week of running is 20 to 30 minutes total of jogging/running/walking three times a week. Be sure to space your training days throughout the week to give yourself a chance to recover and rest.

Don’t worry about how fast you are running. Speed will come later once your aerobic base has improved. Just increase the duration of your runs gradually. It is important that your first runs should be completed at an effort and pace that is easy and comfortable. A comfortable pace is one you feel confident you can sustain for the duration of your run. It is better to run too slow and finish feeling like you could have gone longer or faster, rather than finishing exhausted. A simple way to determine your pace and effort is to listen to your breathing. If you aren’t gasping for air and you can talk while you’re running, then your pace is just right.  Don’t be afraid to walk. Walking breaks the run into smaller, more doable pieces. These breaks will allow you to run longer and faster. Walking breaks work best if you walk for one to five minutes.

 When you finish your first run, don’t stop suddenly. Instead, walk for another five minutes to cool down gradually.

Operation Hero Army ScholarshipEveryday across our nation, thousands of men & women get up in the morning & put on their uniform to proudly serve our country.  What most of us probably don’t think about are the spouses and children they kiss good-bye before heading out the door.

These families often have to sacrifice their time with their loved ones.  They spend birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other special occasions without a significant member of their family who sometimes can be oceans away.  So, not only should we say thank you to the soldiers who serve, but also to their families for supporting their loved ones and by extension our communities.

The Base Borden Run in Support of Operation Hero

The Base Borden Run, in support of Operation Hero is one way you can show our support.  By sponsoring and/or running in the race, you are helping to raise money for a scholarship to send one of those family members to Georgian College.  He or she receives a top rated education which is the stepping stone for them to contribute to our great country that their Mom or Dad proudly serves.

If you would like to sponsor, run or even contribute to our Race Day Expo, please click on the appropriate tabs at the top of the page for all the information.

Thank you for supporting the Base Borden Run!

On behalf of the organizers at the Base Borden Run, we are thrilled to welcome you to the new Base Borden Run website. Be sure to take a tour and tell us what you think.

Over the next couple months you will have the opportunity to read about event updates, sponsor highlights and tips to help you prepare for the 2013 Base Borden Run.

Become a Sponsor

join the Canadian Forces, Base Borden, Georgian College and fellow civilian runners in Simcoe County’s fastest growing running event that is uniquely “military” from start to finish.

Proceeds from this event will go to support Operation Hero, an endowed scholarship program at Georgian College to support Canadian military families in their pursuit of higher education.

Want to learn more about Operation Hero? Visit the Operation Hero website.

Register for the 2013 Base Borden Run

Registration is now open for the 2013 Base Borden Run. Walk, run or roll in the 5km, 10km or half marathon event.

You don’t have to be military to join this event, so come participate in the running event of the year!

Register for the Base Borden Run.

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